Production Services

Production Services


We can supply any kind of Runner licensed to drive all types of vehicles. Many of our runners have been working in this industry for 15+ years and they can be a valuable resource to any touring production with their detailed knowledge of the venue and local area.

Catering Assistants

Our catering assistants are a dedicated group of hard working individuals experienced at working on a wide range of shows. They work long hours in difficult conditions but maintain the high level of professionalism that we require. They are more than used to working under pressure to deal with high volumes of diners and are equally adept at food preparation as they are kitchen cleaning and serving.

Spotlight Operators

We can offer Front of House Spotlight Operators. Our expert Spotlight Operators are well versed in using a variety of equipment from Pani's to Super Troupers, from short throw to long throw.

Wardrobe Assistants

We can provide Wardrobe Assistants with considerable experience working on all kinds of shows with some of the industries most elaborate productions. They can assist in quick changes as well as wardrobe maintenance and repair. They are used to working under pressure to hectic show deadlines and maintain the highest levels of discretion and professionalism at all times.

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